Individual Holistic Online Therapy

Lighting Your Path. Healing the past.

Through my time and work there of more than 16 years, as a Consultant Trauma Specialist, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to grow and learn from the best. I worked with a wide range of mental health, personal growth, and development issues, specialising in understanding and treating trauma, including PTSD, Complex and Childhood Trauma.

I gained invaluable years of experience and understanding of the full range of mental and emotional health issues. Some areas of particular interest include working with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Self-Esteem issues, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Chronic Stress, Pain Management and Chronic illness.

I am deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of those who have experienced trauma and I have, over the years, developed a deeper understanding of many complex issues and suffering. My work as a psychotherapist is based in honouring and deeply respecting each individual and where they are in their lives. I hope to provide a careful, respectful, judgement-free, and safe relationship in which to conduct therapy.

My approach embodies a holistic emphasis on Mind, Body and Spirit. Working solely with the intellect and mind is not enough to "think away" our feelings or stuck and painful memories, as our experiences and memories are stored within the body itself.

I take a whole-person approach to help my clients discover what’s really going on. It’s important to create a balanced lifestyle so you can show up everyday for yourself and others, with clarity, confidence, and the tools necessary to navigate triggers or negative thoughts and feelings that may arise.

Together we’ll explore different ways to look at things and find an approach that fits you.

With me you can expect a practical and direct, yet down to earth approach that's uniquely tailored to meet you where you are.

Therapy with me is not just about the past because sometimes problems require immediate attention and practical skills NOW. In addition to exploring the past, I will also give you the tools and resourcing you need and help guide you as you gain new confidence, try on new behaviors and attitudes, and triumph over life’s challenges in the here and now, and heal past wounds.

About Me

Education and Specialty Training

  • Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist - BABCP (British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies

  • Master of Arts (MA), Marital and Family Therapy and Art Psychotherapy: College of Notre Dame, Belmont, CA

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Studio Arts and Psychology: University of Nevada, Reno

  • EMDR Basic & Advanced Trainings

  • CRM Basic Training

  • 200+ Hour RYT Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

  • Pranayama Breathwork Training

  • Calatonia Training

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Internal Family Systems Training (IFS)

I trained as a psychotherapist in California, earning my Master's Degree from the College of Notre Dame, where I was inspired by the rich history and innovations of the pioneers of psychotherapy and healing modalities.

I moved to Oxford, England in 1999, and began my career at the widely respected Oxford Development Centre/The Oxford Stress & Trauma Centre, where I worked closely with the clinical director and supervisor, Dr. Claudia Herbert.

“We all want to avoid pain, make it disappear. But when it’s impossible to make the pain disappear you can go toward it rather than running away. You can become softened by it”

– Zoketsu Norman Fischer